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Camp Rules 

& Guidelines

When History Lives sets up century camp at an event, we are there for several reasons.

  • To be Safe

  • To teach the public about the time period being portrayed.

  • To create an environment where ell members can comfortably interpret their portrayal.

  • To have fun and enjoy the hobby. If this doesn’t happen for everyone, they won’t come back.


These are the rules and guidelines we believe will help us obtain those goals.

  1. Treat everyone (members, other reenactors, organizers, and public) with respect and courtesy.

  2. Be aware of and obey any specific site regulations.

  3. Willingly fill out any paperwork required by the site.

  4. Work to perfect you interpretation.

    1. Strive to dress in authentic clothing

    2. Use period authentic equipment. Soldiers and civilians.

    3. Try to learn the manner of speech of your persona.

    4. Behave in a manner that your 18th century person would actually behave.

    5. Keep modern items put away and out of sight when public is on site.

  5. If you use the camp, either as a camper or day tripper, It will be much appreciated if you help setup and/or take down the camp.

  6. Only members or approved guests of members will be allowed to use the camp site either day or night.

  7. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who has legal permission to be responsible for them. (Permission of a parent or guardian)

  8. Well trained and friendly dogs may be allowed at certain events. Please be sure to check with the member arranging the event for more information.

  9. In general camp goes “on Parade” at 9:00AM. Work to make sure it is ready. Individual site rules may vary this starting time.

  10. Breakfast will generally be served between 8:00 and 8:30AM weather and site allowing.

  11.  Please keep tents tied closed if they are not period correct.

  12. If you need to make a call or check your phone, please do that in your tent or away from camp and out of the sight of visitors.

  13. Try to keep your personal item and equipment out of the kitchen/cooking areas.

  14. As a curtesy and safety precaution, please let a fellow member know if you are leaving the camp area.

  15. Please lend a hand getting water, firewood, straw and keeping the camp in good order.

  16. Where possible, those that cook don’t have to clean the cooking dishes.

  17. Discussions of a religious or political nature dating past 1815 are prohibited in camp. If you feel you must, please take that conversation well away from the camp and the public.

  18. If any activity of situation at an event makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please let other members know immediately.

A final note. History Lives is a group of volunteer reenactors who love history. We often portray military camp, but we are not actually the military. We need to work to make our interpretations authentic while showing mutual respect for oneanother.

When we all work together we create a safe, and enjoyable event that accomplishes our stated goals!

(Rev. 04/11/2022)

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